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Who we are

Rockstar Recruiting's ( mission is to connect trailblazing tech experts & tech companies. With our backgrounds in psychology & IT, we understand our candidates & customers technically and personally. We love cutting-edge technology and maintain close ties to late-breaking research & disruptive startups. If you are active in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Blockchain, or Software Engineering in general, we are the tech recruiter you have been looking for! We look forward to welcoming your application!


Why we are a great place to work

1) The Rockstar values 🌟

Our values set us apart from other tech recruiters & make us a great employer for recruiters who value personal connections, sustainability, quality over quantity, teamwork, authenticity, and delivering valuable results.


2) We are a sustainable company 🌱

Rockstar Recruiting is a sustainable company because we strive to build long-term relationships with our candidates, clients, and the planet. We define sustainability not only through our long-term relations with candidates and companies but also by committing to being a carbon-neutral company ourselves. We also offer discounts for sustainability-related and carbon-neutral companies, making us an attractive employer for recruiters who care about making a positive impact on the environment. 


3) Flexible setup & great benefits

We believe in investing in our employees' growth and development. We offer generous compensation packages, including above-market salaries and attractive bonuses for successful placements.

We value work-life balance and offer a flexible work environment with options for home office, hybrid offices, and remote office models. We prioritize our employees' well-being and offer family-friendly policies. Additionally, we understand the importance of work schedule flexibility and offer the ability to choose your pensum and up or downgrade it as needed.

Rockstar also offers lots of additional, non-monetary benefits: For example, in Zurich you get to enjoy a free pass for all public swimming pools in the city & free access to Zurich's most trending workout group called "Shredded".


4) We are a team & part of the tech community

Teamwork is essential for us. We focus on candidates and accounts with a dedicated approach, working together to ensure the best results. Our weekly team meetings, off-site events and a fun atmosphere help us succeed.

As part of the tech community, we regularly participate in hackathons, conferences, and meetups, and are well-known for sponsoring, participating and organizing some of the most popular tech events in Switzerland and Germany respectively. Join us and be part of an innovative team that's constantly pushing the boundaries of technology & tech recruiting.


5) Great office locations 🎯

Our offices in the hearts of Zurich🇨🇭 and Berlin 🇩🇪 offer a dynamic and inspiring work environment, with easy access to transportation, diverse cultural activities, and bustling city life.


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